Some of the most popular questions centered around working with an search engine optimisation company and our answers.


Question: How Do I Hire A SEO Specialist?

Answer: A good place to start is by typing what you require in a search engine and seeing who appears at the top and contacting them. This would normally be a SEO specialist in your vicinity but do not feel confined to only dealing with someone in your area. Someone can work on your website from anywhere in the world so if you are unhappy with what is presented to you locally then start searching further away.

Do you know of any business owner who hired an SEO specialist and can recommend them? Ask the owner if the SEO done to their site was recent as search engine algorithms change very often and what might have worked for them at the time may not work for you unless the SEO company is constantly studying and testing new ideas.

Do not fall for good sales talk, good at selling does not mean good at SEO. You should be seeing examples now of websites that are ranking in the top positions in the search engines. If this can’t be provided then try someone else. It can be difficult finding an SEO who knows what they are doing and are able to provide you with the results you are looking for.

Question: Do SEO Companies Really Work?

Answer: An SEO company can guarantee results, and if they do then you should avoid doing business with them. There are many individuals who set up SEO companies and begin work on client websites who have very little to no prior experience because anyone can start doing SEO work. There are also companies that use poor or outdated methods who will fail to deliver the results expected. If you choose an SEO company that has and can demonstrate the ability to rank a website then by following the procedures they have in place and replicating them should see good results but nothing can ever be guaranteed.


Question: What Do SEO Consultants Do?

Answer: An SEO consultant will look at your online business – your website and determine what is required to take that website from the position in which the search engines have positioned it to the desired place in that search engine which for most cases would be the number one position. They will do this by generally looking at on site and off site factors and developing both so that the search engine will see them as the website that should be in the highest position.


Question: What Should I Look For In An SEO Expert?


1. Experience?

One of the key answers in a lot of specialist areas is many years of experience but in the case of an seo expert this may not always be necessarily true. If the SEO expert you are looking to hire is still carrying out search engine optimisation in the same way as 5 – 10 years ago or even only a year or 2 ago then you will probably be disappointed in the results.

Because best SEO practices are constantly changing, you need someone who is keeping up with current methods. As search engines do not give a specific way of achieving good results, you should be looking for a company or individual who is constantly testing, reading latest patents and has the ability to constantly adapt their approach over time. While experience is important if utilised correctly, someone continuing to work in the same way as past years is going to fail.

What experience can bring is the ability to diagnose the problems a website is having and knowing what needs to be done to fix those issues as almost every website has a different problem to overcome.

2. Proof

Seeing reviews and testimonials is not always proof the SEO expert knows what they are doing. Reviews and testimonials can be faked or come from friends and family and you will never know. Most SEO experts will have at least one website they can show you and that they can log in to as proof that the website is theirs or one they are working on. Make sure it is not ranking for just brand or easy keywords and can demonstrate rankings in a competitive environment. You cannot always expect to see all their clients work because there will be some client confidentiality in place.

3. Always Learning

As search engine algorithms have changed a lot over a short period of time and will continue to change and become more sophisticated and intelligent so the SEO specialist must be constantly learning, developing and testing new ideas to keep up to date with current trends. You cannot find something that works, sit back and use the same process for the coming years. You will need someone who can show they have the knowledge to adapt to what changes are coming currently and in the future.

4. Don’t Fall For Hype!

You will often see SEO businesses quote many different sources, partnerships, be connected to or be big name marketers who many times  full of hype. Many of these types of people are literally good at marketing themselves and that is what they concentrate on. Much of their SEO knowledge and articles they write about SEO is garbage that sounds great. Most of it is theory from hearsay or trusting particular sources that want you to fail.

You know there is often that one geeky guy who is great at something, give me an SEO person like that any day. They are not spending their time blogging about rubbish but living and breathing SEO. These are the type of guys that will go underground and spend 20 hours a day testing SEO methods to destruction for months on end to be able to deliver the results people expect.

Question: How Do I Choose A Reliable SEO Business?

Answer: Ask for examples of successful campaigns. Although there should be some degree of client confidentiality, most SEO businesses will be able to demonstrate at least one website in which you can see how good the results of their methods have been.

Reviews and testimonials have their place but proceed with caution as they can easily be faked or provided by friends and family. If the company can show a live example of a successful campaign and prove it was them that carried out the work then this should be a positive sign that they can be relied on.

A good way of knowing that the website is one that they have been working on is seeing them log in to that website. If they can log in to it and it is ranking for keywords other than brand or very easy difficulty terms then you should have found a reliable SEO to work with.

Do not hire a business that is cheap, it may seem attractive but it can take a large investment to rank a website as well as paying for the SEO’s knowledge. If a business is offering a cheap service they will be cutting corners, perhaps using automated tools and could damage your websites position in the search engines.